Centrally-located Land Near Station, North 2 West 3 Kutchan

Centrally-located Land Near Station, North 2 West 3



:: This block is a bit of gold hidden in the gravel, given its location and exceptional price point. There is a teardown single-family home on the property. As of now, it can remain in place while the land continues to appreciate, prior to its development. You need not necessarily do anything at present in terms of the delapidated strucure itself.

:: The asking price of 238,000 per tsubo can be compared to that of land on nearby Eki Mae Dori (Mainstreet) - located just a few hundred meters away - rouglhy priced at JPY800,000 per tsubo. Meanwhile, the imminent arrival of the Shinkansen in 2030 provides further support for a land banking opportunity with this block. 

:: The parcel is a 347m2/105 tsubo corner parcel is located a mere two blocks from both Eki Mae Dori and Kutchan Station, where the Shinkansen is set to arrive in 2030.

:: The block is presently zoned residential, and given that it is a corner block, the permissable floor area ratio of 200% is supplemented by a corner-lot bonus of 20%, making it very suitable for a multi-unit build.

:: Town water and sewage are available.



土地面積/坪數347 平方米 / 105 坪
到滑雪山的距離5,800 m


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