Akakura Onsen Land Honshu

Akakura Onsen Land



:: Residentially zoned land within a 2 minute drive to the Akakura Kanko Ski Lift

:: 1 x Onsen line comes with the land (yealry fees apply)

:: Sub divisiion is possible with local council and governement approval

:: Easterly views towards Mt Myoko are obstucted due to the adjoining condominium building but views West over the Alps are unobstructed

:: Short distance by car to several major ski resorts and golf courses as well as Lake Nojiri, making this a great base for year round activities



土地面积6,006 平方米 / 1,817 坪
距滑雪山的距离1,100 m


  • 连结城镇排水道
  • 连结城镇水源
  • 温泉
  • 林地景观
  • 开发项目
  • 房屋开发项目